Mohamed Musi given 48-hours notice by military who is backing the millions of protesters in Egypt.

Mohamed Morsi given 48-hours notice by military who is backing the millions of protesters in Egypt.

THE EGYPTIAN military on Monday gave President Morsi 48-hours to quell the violence in Egypt or else. The powerful military taking the side of the tens of millions of protesters in the streets, where crowds have swelled even larger than during Hosni Mubarak’s sacking. However, Morsi isn’t moving yet.

How does President Morsi continue in power without the Egyptian military? The Muslim Brotherhood waited decades to get their man into power, so they won’t go quietly. What this means for the days to come is frightening to predict.

From Reuters:

President Mohamed Mursi clung to office on Tuesday after rebuffing an army ultimatum to force a resolution to Egypt’s political crisis, and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood sought to mass its supporters to defend him.

But the Islamist leader looked increasingly isolated, with ministers resigning, the liberal opposition refusing to talk to him and the armed forces, backed by millions of protesters in the street, giving him until Wednesday to agree to share power.

In a defiant 2 a.m. statement, Mursi’s office said the president had not been consulted before the armed forces chief-of-staff set a 48-hour deadline for a power-sharing deal and would pursue his own plan for national reconciliation.

From the Committee to Protect Journalists, harrowing reports of what it’s like on the ground for professionals covering the story:

The Committee to Protect Journalists is gravely concerned about the security of journalists covering ongoing mass protests in Egypt. One journalist was killed and seven others were injured, including one raped, while covering demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi over the weekend, according to news reports.

In response to the mass protests, the Egyptian army demanded today that Morsi must address demonstrators’ demands or face intervention within 48 hours, according to news reports.

“Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have fostered an atmosphere where journalists are attacked with impunity,” said Sherif Mansour, CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa coordinator. “We call on all sides to respect the safety of the media and urge journalists to take precautions for their security in this dangerous climate.”