The New Yorker, by John Cuneo

The New Yorker, by John Cuneo

“With a topic like Anthony Weiner, how can you find anything broad or funny that he hasn’t already personally breached?” says John Cuneo, the artist who painted next week’s cover. He continues: “Free association made me think of the Empire State Building, and then King Kong, the iconic image of him straddling it. And then Weiner sexting, his head tilted and looking a certain way””I just stumbled upon the image as I was sketching. But all I could think about while working on this piece was, “˜Will Weiner still be in the race by the time it runs?'” [New Yorker]

CAN YOU get any more phallic than Anthony Weiner sitting astride the Empire State building?

Want to bet Anthony Weiner will frame this cover and keep it somewhere hidden while he attempts to stay in the fight to make it into the New York city mayoral run-off?

It’s just too irresistible for an exhibitionist to resist.

People magazine has finally written on what everyone learned this week. That Anthony Weiner used them as a beard, while still openly acting out with other women the same month. It’s also been revealed that Huma Abebin thought of leaving her husband when he admitted he was still having online relationships with random women. What would have been news is if Abedin hadn’t considered leaving him.

Anthony Weiner has to be hoping he’s heard the last from his paramours, because if more come forward it’s likely to be too much. It’s not the sex as much as New Yorkers being sick of hearing about this stuff and just want it to go away.