Union FlagA couple of weeks back I wrote about Abu Qatada’s deportation from the UK to Jordan, and slightly tongue-in-cheek likened the government’s desperation over the case to Britons being arrested for similar offences. Albeit offences of a verbal rather than physical nature. Unfortunately I have to bring up the subject again, but this time in a rather more serious way.

Evidence has come to light over the last week that the UK government is more than happy to throw race-themed slogans at the public when the cause is supposedly in the public interest. This time I’m not talking about the handling of a circumstantial would-be terrorist, but motorized billboards aimed at illegal immigrants.

If you choose to believe some media outlets, Britain is awash with illegals. Swimming with them in fact. The government clearly believes there is a problem too. Or should that be a perceived problem. Narrowing this still further, a perceived problem in certain areas of the capital, where many of the believers in illegal immigrant media hype live.

The answer to this perceived problem is someone driving around these areas with billboards declaring “In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest!” Man, that is scary. I imagine if you’ve escaped a terrible country and somehow managed to get to Britain (which I believe is a lot harder than people realize) you’re not really going to be scared of the British police. If you hand yourself in you’ll be deported. If you don’t hand yourself in you’re probably not going to be caught, but if you are you’ll be arrested and deported. I think I’d take my chances.

Clearly this is window dressing in areas where votes need to be garnered ahead of the 2015 election. The Tories desperately don’t want the folks of east London to vote BNP or UKIP, so instead they are spending the equivalent of $20,000 on an early, vaguely disguised election ad. The best part is it doesn’t come out of party funds. Conservative HQ must be thrilled.

The only positive coming out of this sorry tale is the cost, or lack there of, to the public purse. $20,000 is cheap when you consider how easily governments waste far greater amounts on similar projects. For what its worth, the silent partner in the coalition wants you to know they think this is disgusting. Nice of the Lib Dems to comment after the fact. You’re views have no doubt been duly noted and then completely disregarded. Come to think of it, that could be the general slogan of this government.