“When women participate in politics, the effects ripple out across society.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking at CGI

Hillary Clinton at CGI.

Hillary Clinton at CGI.

HILLARY CLINTON spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) as “a private citizen,” offering that she’s “still jetlagged” from her secretary of state globetrotting.

“After visiting 112 nations, for four years — I’m still jetlagged.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

The big announcement is that CGI is now officially the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

“As I move into my dottage, my job will be to fund people who really know what they’re doing, which I am very happy to do,” Bill Clinton said as he introduced his wife. [NBC News]

There was just part of the clear telegraphed message coming out of the Chicago conference, the rest of which was delivered by Mo Elleithee.

“We are at a phase now where he is a supporting cast member. And I think her voice is the one people want to hear no matter what the stage,” Mo Elleithee, Mrs. Clinton’s traveling spokesman in 2008, said of the former president.

There is a subtly strong message being sent here that for people looking at 2016 signs, at the very least, props the door wide open by informing supporters, including the moneyed establishment inside the Democratic Party, that a second run for the president in 2016 won’t be like 2008. Former President Bill Clinton will be “a supporting cast member” and Hillary will be center stage without him. “Dottage” means stepping back, at least as much as William Jefferson Clinton can ever step back.

The coverage of Mrs. Clinton at CGI sent the right into full panic.

One of Hillary Clinton’s strongest beliefs is that government can’t do everything by themselves, which she utilized at the State Department by creating private – public partnerships. Mrs. Clinton didn’t mince words when she used China as an example of a country footing the bill for early childhood education, while America does not. It was molded into a new platform she will have at CGI, along with continuing her work for women and girls, a program called Too Small to Fail, focusing on young children, which is another life long commitment she’s had since she was the first lady of Arkansas.

CGI is leading this philosophy, with Chelsea Clinton acknowledging through the Foundation the six-billionth “leader of clean water” involvement with Myanmar and a partnership with Proctor and Gamble. It’s still a foreign language to many, but it’s central to CGI’s effectiveness and mission. Bringing private corporations into the mix to help find creative ways governments can help the people outside of public funds.

On “Morning Joe” today, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talked about how CGI is helping mayors fill in financial holes through private partnerships so cities can institute badly needed infrastructure projects that inspire small economic booms.

Former President Bill Clinton was one of the first to initiate the privatization of progress, which often comes under deep criticism. It was President Clinton who helped privatize parts of military action in the 1990s, which remains today a controversial philosophy among many progressives.

Hillary Clinton’s move beyond being President Obama’s chief diplomat is a slow walk, a build up fitting a Hollywood trailer. But her presence at CGI and what was said by her husband, as well as a top, long time aide of the Clintons, is all part of the foreshadowing of the future that many hope is inevitable.

The subtly sent message at CGI, which was not close to a confirmation Hillary’s running again, did, however, acknowledge that if she does run things will be different, which after covering the Clintons closely for two decades, as well as writing the history of the 2008 election cycle, I have no doubt will be.