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“There’s someone evil out there that saw what I had worked for and they wanted it.” – Paula Deen

Paula Deen with Matt Lauer on "Today." [screen capture from "Today" video]

Paula Deen with Matt Lauer on “Today.” [screen capture from “Today” video]

CHEF STAR Paula Deen went on the “Today” show on Wednesday to attempt to stop the bleeding on a public relations disaster that threatens to ruin her business and economic future. Food TV and Smithfield have dropped Paula Deen, with QVC weighing their options, according to reports.

I’m not quite sure what this interview is, but at its heart it shows Deen as fairly defiant. It’s also clear that Paul Deen is angry about what has happened as well.

“I can’t myself determine what offends another person,” Mrs. Deen said.

Paul Deen is of another era. We’ve gotten a view into that era through Mrs. Deen and the controversy she stirred up through a deposition she gave.

Now Paul Deen gets to move on. She’s apologized and that’s all she can do.