NSA story causing problems for Glenn Greenwald. [image: UCLA]

NSA story causing problems for Glenn Greenwald. [image: UCLA]

THE REPORTER who first interviewed Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, is suddenly getting queries into his past. He wrote a post yesterday outlining his experiences and what can happen when you investigate the government, as Daniel Ellsberg found out. Daniel Ellsberg’s sanity was questioned when he revealed the Pentagon Papers.

An excerpt from Glenn Greenwald’s post reveals involvement “including the distribution of adult videos,” via a “multi-member LLC.” This is supposed to make Greenwald a questionable individual, but instead has him joining Bill O’Reilly, Jim Webb, the current second in command at the CIA, Avril Haines, as well as myself, in involvement in some sort of erotic interest, a very human syndrome as we’ve found in politician after politician, as well as religious leaders. It’s normal, but the establishment always likes to use anything even tangentially having to do with sexuality to attack people who question their actions. Bill O’Reilly’s former erotic writing is more directly involved than Glenn Greenwald’s through a “multi-member LLC.”

As a result, I was not particularly surprised when I received an email last night from a reporter at the New York Daily News informing me that he had been “reviewing some old lawsuits” in which I was involved ““ “old” as in: more than a decade ago ““ and that “the paper wants to do a story on this for tomorrow”. He asked that I call him right away to discuss this, apologizing for the very small window he gave me to comment.

Upon calling him, I learned that he had somehow discovered two events from my past. The first was my 2002-04 participation in a multi-member LLC that had an interest in numerous businesses, including the distribution of adult videos. I was bought out of that company by my partners roughly nine years ago.

The lawsuit he referenced was one where the LLC had sued a video producer in (I believe) 2002 after the producer reneged on a profit-sharing contract. In response, that producer fabricated abusive and ugly emails he claimed were from me ““ they were not ““ in order to support his allegation that I had bullied him into entering into that contract and he should therefore be relieved from adhering to it. Once our company threatened to retain a forensic expert to prove that the emails were forgeries, the producer quickly settled the case by paying some substantial portion of what was owed, and granting the LLC the rights to use whatever it had obtained when consulting with him to start its own competing business.

The second item the reporter had somehow obtained was one showing an unpaid liability to the IRS…

During the 2007-2008 election season, my character was impugned, my integrity was questioned, as was every other aspect of the work I did while reporting factually and often first on Mr. Obama, when the entire progressive and Democratic establishment was uninterested and hostile to any truth telling. Then because I dared to corner the national press and cable media through my book, I lost every connection I’d had for years with media outlets, because telling the truth is a very unpopular thing to do with media types. Of course, this is a very minor example compared to Edward Snowden, but it was very real in my little world.

Glenn Greenwald, the primary conduit to unleashing secret information about what the Obama administration was gathering on American citizens with no involvement whatsoever in terrorism, is a much bigger and juicier target.

Discredit the messenger, which is also being done to Edward Snowden, as Daniel Ellsberg experienced, too, discredit the truth they’re telling.