Margaret Carlson and Maureen Down need to start a blog.   [screen capture from Huffington Post]

Margaret Carlson and Maureen Down need to start a blog.
[screen capture from Huffington Post]

IF EVER two political writers needed to start a blog it’s Maureen Dowd and Margaret Carlson, the Hillary Derangement pom pom girls that just can’t help themselves where the Clintons are concerned.

Her re-emergence had just one flaw. She didn’t keep her dog on the porch, a mistake so serious it could be disqualifying. She, of all people, knows how good Bill Clinton can be, and how bad. So why did she choose to revive her brand during the weeklong annual celebration of his Global Initiative, surrounded by his cast and on his turf? Why not wait until her husband was off in Malawi or somewhere to announce that his sustainable agriculture initiative had brought about a 30 percent increase in soybean yields? – Hillary Needs to Dump Bill, by Margaret Carlson

Evidently Carlson missed the announcement at CGI, where Hillary and Chelsea were now stepping into the spotlight to lead “dowager” Bill, his own description, in the future of CGI. Or maybe it’s just that, along with Maureen Dowd, Margaret Carlson just can’t get over that the Clintons are a tight family with their business a combined effort to change the world by joining forces. It’s a simple concept, but eludes the political insiders who are never invited to their parties.

Her bookend is Maureen Dowd, who recently offered this:

Even top Democrats who plan to support Hillary worry about her two sides. One side is the idealistic public servant who wants to make the world a better place. The other side is darker, stemming from old insecurities; this is the side that causes her to make decisions from a place of fear and to second-guess herself. It dulls her sense of ethics and leads to ends-justify-the-means wayward ways. This is the side that compels her to do anything to win, like hiring the scummy strategists Dick Morris and Mark Penn, and greedily grab for what she feels she deserves. ““ Maureen Dowd

Fishbowl DC picked up Carlson’s retread writing, boiling it down to this summation: Carlson basically states that if Clinton has any shot at the White House, she needs to learn how to control her husband.

We’ve never heard that before.

It would be one thing if Carlson paid attention, but she doesn’t, preferring to dig back into her bag of ’08 tricks and regurgitate what today sounds very old stuff.

He will always loom, Carlson warns.

William Jefferson Clinton is one of the three most gifted politicians in the last thirty years, something neither Carlson or Maureen Dowd can accept. For Margaret Carlson, however, former President Bill Clinton is an “imaginary statesman.”

Evidently Carlson missed the Democratic convention back in 2012, when President Obama carried the Democratic party to a non-union state, after serving up entitlements for the grand bargain. My husband is a blue collar, middle class working stiff, but I’ve got to tell you, until the Big Dawg made that speech, I wasn’t sure he was going to vote for President Obama. After Clinton got through he was not only ready to vote for Obama, but excited about it.

This is something neither Maureen Dowd or Margaret Carlson can grasp, their deep Clinton phobia so socked into their political souls they can’t write a sentence without mentioning Hillary is in Bill’s shadow, or that she is in danger of being “Eva Peron, filling the shoes of a missing husband by default,” as Carlson wrote yesterday.

Carlson missed what Bill said at CGI:

“As I move into my dottage, my job will be to fund people who really know what they’re doing, which I am very happy to do,” Bill Clinton said as he introduced his wife. [NBC News]

After what happened in 2008, Carlson still thinks the Clintons are stupid.

Listening to Mo Eliethee during CGI is too much work, too, I presume:

“We are at a phase now where he is a supporting cast member. And I think her voice is the one people want to hear no matter what the stage,” Mo Elleithee, Mrs. Clinton’s traveling spokesman in 2008, said of the former president.

Maureen Dowd and Margaret Carlson need to start a blog together. They can call it

That way all the retro grudge matches that will play out, which just recently reared its head when Senator Claire McCaskill graciously endorsed a potential Hillary bid for 2016, will have some place to be archived, as time passes this crowd by.