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Big Marijuana Chain Planned as Drug Dogs are Retrained

Mexico's Vicente Fox appeared at a news conference in Seattle, where he recounted how the war on drugs has ravaged his country and praised the states of Washington and Colorado for voting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana last fall. [screen capture/caption via Huffington Post]

Mexico’s Vicente Fox appeared at a news conference in Seattle, where he recounted how the war on drugs has ravaged his country and praised the states of Washington and Colorado for voting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana last fall. [screen capture/caption via Huffington Post]

BIG MARIJUANA is what Jamen Shively’s ambitious enterprise is being called and it can only help the rest of America stand up and be counted so that marijuana can take its place next to alcohol as a legal recreational substance.

At a press conference in downtown’s tallest skyscraper, Shively said he and business partners will begin in Washington State and Colorado, where rules for legal pot come online this year, and wait as voters pick off prohibition across the country. Flanked by lawyers, a state lawmaker, and former Mexico president Vicente Fox, Shively said he is a “couple weeks” from an initial $10 million milestone, and within three years, he fully expects to open–some medical marijuana and some recreational marijuana–a dozen branded stores in Washington State, another dozen stores in Colorado, and as many as hundreds in California (a state where only medical marijuana is currently legal but where voters are widely expected to legalize recreational pot in 2016). – Seattle Entrepreneur Plans $100 Million National Chain of Pot Stores [h/t Huffington Post]

From, which broke the story on Thursday in Seattle.

A glimpse into the the commercialized pot market was evident in a menu of marijuana strains that hung in the back of the room, designed to capture the classic Latin American esthetic of tequila or cigar marketing, promoting future products with the gusto of a fast-food signboard: The “exclusive hand-selected variants” featured familial homages like “Diego Reserva” (the firm, Diego Pellicer, is named after Shively’s great grandfather) to local nods like “Juan de Fuca,” also the name of a waterway northwest of Seattle.

As for those drug sniffing dogs that are the bane of legal marijuana proponents’ existence. The Guardian reported this week that in Washington state at least they’re being retrained to focus on hard drugs, not marijuana.

When Dusty, a 19-month-old black Labrador, walked past a pipe full of marijuana during a recent police search of a house, he was doing exactly what his handler hoped.

The newest drug-sniffing dog on the police force in Bremerton, near Seattle, is one of a few police dogs in Washington state that are not trained to point out pot during searches. Other police departments are considering or in the midst of re-training their dogs to ignore pot as well, part of the new reality in a state where voters last fall legalized marijuana use.

If we could only get President Obama and his utterly incompetent Attorney General Eric Holder to do the same thing.

Jamen Shively’s “Big Marijuana’ is all good news, as Mexico’s Vicente Fox knows, because nothing has been so thoroughly worthless and criminally unjust as America’s drug war.

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6 Responses to Big Marijuana Chain Planned as Drug Dogs are Retrained

  1. fangio June 1, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    Mr Shively should take note of California where Mr. Obama’s brown shirts are using real estate seizure laws to try and put the two biggest medical pot companies out of business. A while back the U.S. attorney in California was asked what crime the pot clinics had committed and she replied, ” they’re so big they must be doing something illegal. ” Good luck to you, Mr. Shively.

  2. ladywalker68 June 1, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    I don’t know. Considering the cost to society of alcohol. I just have mixed feelings about legalizing yet another mind altering substance. I have seen alcohol ruin so many lives. But what the heck. It is institutionalized and there is profit to be made.

    More than just revenue, the spin off industries are making a mint: rehab, drugs to cut cravings. Legalizing pot won’t be any different. Making money legally over the destruction of people’s lives.

    Yes, there are medicinal benefits to Pot, just as there are some benefits to wine. The trick is trying to figure out how to minimize abuse. And nobody has figured that out. The rehab industry is a failure and AA is not all that it is cracked up to be.

    I guess doing this will get the “thugs” out of the trade but I think the results are at best going to be a wash in terms of what is a positive versus a negative impact on society. I know a few a people who smoke pot regularly and if anything, they seem content with disassociating themselves from social contact when they get stoned. Not a scientific study to be sure. The one positive is a friend years ago who was suffering from the side effects of chemo for cancer treatment. But then again, it could become a prescription medication and achieve the same results.

    My feelings have always been and still remain mixed on this.

  3. Taylor Marsh June 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    Adults with impulse control should not be penalized for what the irresponsible do.

    Keeping pot illegal does a lot more harm & makes absolutely no sense, except to the alcohol lobby & anti-libertarian types.

    Read the articles, they are aware of the legal tightrope which won’t be easy.

  4. tm123 June 1, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

    All controlled substances must be decriminalized immediately in order to end the war on drugs. Separating marijuana from the group virtually guarantees the other drugs will be illegal and a criminal enterprise forever. In that light, legal pot will be a disaster. Alcohol is the only addictive substance that produces a measurable, physical, chemical, irreversible change. There is literally nothing like it and legalizing it made it manageable.

  5. mjsmith June 2, 2013 at 7:56 am #

    I think it is important to look back and see why this stuff was made illegal in the first place.

    One thing I will say, if you are trying to lose weight or stick to a diet, stay away from this stuff.

  6. guyski June 3, 2013 at 7:14 am #

    As a large scale corporate business plan, really have to wonder how this will play out?

    After all, you can grow your own. Just like you can brew your own beer or make your own wine. Must be easier growing than brewing or making wine.

    Also the liability factor. If a corporation can be sued because someone put their coffee, between their legs, then spilt and got burned, what liabilities will they have? If someone smokes pot and gains weight and there was no labeling, can someone sue? Could be a lot of creative lawsuits coming?

    Kind of had the impression it would be more of a ‘mom and pop’ type of business model. Kind of like tattoo parlors.

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