“I will be ruthless in ridding the Army of people who cannot live up to its values.” – Australia’s Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison [h/t Gawker]

Carl Levin could learn a lot from Australia's Army chief David Morrison.

Carl Levin could learn a lot from Australia’s Army chief David Morrison.

CARL LEVIN should be forced to watch Australia’s David Morrison. Senator Levin is not fit to wash his boots, and neither is Senator Claire McCaskill, who voted with Levin in keeping sexual assault investigations within the chain of command.

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” – Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison

That goes double for Missouri’s Claire McCaskill, who disgraced herself on this vote.

Senators Levin, McCaskill, including Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and most of Republicans, are all accepting the standard of the status quo, leaving sexual assault victims to predators, which includes the U.S. Armed Forces chain of command.

Under intense fire, Senator Carl Levin wrote an op-ed for USA Today.

The committee adopted this legislation as an alternative to a proposal to take away from military commanders the authority to prosecute cases of sexual assault and other serious crimes and put those decisions in the hands of military lawyers.

… Removing commanders’ authority to prosecute actually threatens to make prosecutions less likely. The evidence shows that commanders are more likely to order courts martial in difficult cases than military lawyers who might hesitate to bring cases in which conviction is uncertain.

Senators Carl Levin and Claire McCaskil, along with their collaborators, have left sexual assault victims hung out to dry.