Via Right Wing Watch has the story, and video, of an ex-gay therapist who claims he “heals” gay brains so that they become straight. Homosexual brains turned to heterosexual brains.

Really, that’s what he says.

Brian Tashman writes at Right Wing Watch:

As we’ve noted, Daystar host Joni Lamb is hosting a special on homosexuality, and Lamb today brought on ex-gay activists such as Joe Dallas, Anne Paulk and Janet Boynes. One of the guests, Dr. Jerry Mungadze, claimed that his ex-gay therapy techniques have literally changed the brain structure of his gay patients and made their brains more like those of straight people.

(Mungadze): “˜The good news is, at least with the people that I’ve seen, not a lot of people, when the healing takes place those areas of the brain that were showing the homosexuality show heterosexuality. I have had several people who when I looked at them I couldn’t tell the difference between a heterosexual who never was homosexual and them, which means the brain is able to go back and fire the way it is supposed to be, which is an argument against the whole idea of someone was born that way.’

Does that mean that someone got to these individuals “” who weren’t “born that way” “” and performed some kind of treatment that rearranged the “normal” heterosexual brain structure to “abnormal” homosexual? I mean, if they / we aren’t “born that way,” then something has to infiltrate our brains, unless Mungadze thinks such unhealthy changes can be caused by, what? The people we hang out with? The dastardly, left-wing, liberal media? The power of political correctness? Maybe an underground cadre of evil, brain-damaged-into-homosexuality radicals, with some kind of mind controlling powers, bent on homosexualizing the world?

I tell you what, check out the video. Then maybe share your theory of what the hell this guy is talking about.