Official White House Photo by Pete Souza - 2009)

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza – 2009)

IN AN op-ed on Politico, a right wing bomb thrower named Keith Koffler explains “Why Democrats Might Reject Hillary Clinton in 2016.” Just for fun, here’s an excerpt:

But what those who tout Clinton as a nigh unstoppable force for the 2016 Democratic nomination fail to realize is that Hillary Clinton is the most overrated politician of her generation.

No doubt she can outwork the opposition and probably raise more money and get more pop stars to pledge their allegiance. She eats determination for breakfast and persistence for lunch.

But diligence, as Barack Obama has taught us, does not guarantee success. Getting results and performing when it counts ““ as Obama also teaches ““ are what matters in politics. And results are what Clinton doesn’t get, and probably won’t get in 2016.

Now, caveats applied to her possibly candidacy, there are legitimate reasons that some Democrats and progressives might support someone besides Hillary Clinton in the primaries. However, it certainly isn’t because she’s “the most overrated politician of her generation.”

It makes you wonder why Politico has stooped to accepting such ridiculously premised pieces for their site. They’ve been having a bit of trouble lately. They got beat on the Hillary story about what aides might be joining a campaign in 2016, should she run, doing a rehash just recently so they wouldn’t be totally left out. They also haven’t led on the Eric Holder story or McCain in Syria, because foreign policy is a bridge to far for Politico, and was owned by Josh Rogin of the Daily Beast.

However, today’s Hillary hit piece op-ed is a new low, even for Politico.

Who is Keith Koffler? Besides obsessing over Michelle Obama, and being linked to Conservatives4Palin, he’s the “editor” of “White House Dossier,” and has “covered the White House as a reporter for CongressDaily and Roll Call,” according to Politico. The blog Koffler edits has the following names on his blogroll:

Catholic Exchange
Doug Ross @Journal
Drudge Report
Free Republic
Gateway Pundit
Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty
Keith Hennessey
Mark Levin
Michelle Obama’s Mirror
Patriot Update
Playbook by Mike Allen
Rampart Media
RedFlag News
Rush Limbaugh
Scribe: Bluey Reports
The Blaze: The Blog
The Daily Caller
The Patriot Update
Theo Spark
Townhall Tipsheet
Weasel Zippers

You have to wait until the end, but Koffler finally gets to the purpose of his op-ed eventually.

Clinton’s bumbling political touch was on full display during a recent congressional hearing in which she exclaimed, with respect to the cause of the Benghazi attack, “What difference at this point does it make?”

[…] What’s more, the Benghazi scandal has clearly damaged the credibility of Clinton’s claim to competence. While her name is mentioned daily in connection with the fiasco, Biden has cleverly laid low. After associating himself with seemingly every other aspect of the Obama presidency, Biden seems to have somehow immunized himself from the scandals.

For Hillary Clinton, 2016 may come down to that God-given quality that many great politicians are gifted with: Lousy opponents.

But that’s a risky formula for success.

As for “lousy opponents,” the Democratic bench is actually fairly deep. Whether you like these people or not, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has serious experience. Senator Mark Warner isn’t chop liver. Vice President Joe Biden would be even more qualified than Clinton, with a resume that’s wide and deep.

Republicans have Gov. Chris Chris, though the wingnut base will revolt against him. Oh! Republicans do have Donald Trump, so all’s not lost for the right.

No one expects a right winger to understand the importance of electing the first female president. Republicans only serve up females as window dressing, as they did with Sarah Palin, who was nowhere near qualified to step into the presidency, though John McCain picked her to do just that. But we all know through “Game Change,” with the added benefit of common sense, that Barack Obama was such a phenomenon in 2008 that what Republicans needed was their own star. It’s just too bad it turned out to be a falling one.

As for the Tea Party women, Michele Bachmann, who made history as the first GOP female to win a straw poll, primary or anything else close to the presidency, has now fallen, too.

Sarah Palin’s high rise, though followed by a successful campaign season in 2010, has been followed by a collapse more epic than her fans could predict. Though not to fear, if the rumors of her eyeing the Senate from Alaska are true, we may soon have Mrs. Palin to kick around again.

There’s no female on the right who could compete with Clinton, certainly not Condoleezza Rice, who could never withstand the scrutiny from her national security adviser disaster days.

Hillary Clinton has qualifications and a vast resume that the men who have run for the presidency in the last two decades, regardless of party, don’t come close to matching.

That shouldn’t come as any surprise, because women who want to be American leaders are expected to be perfect and they are also made to wait longer and prove their prowess through years of accumulating qualifications that no male politician ever had to do.