[HHS photo by Chris Smith]

[HHS photo by Chris Smith]

THE Obama administration’s appeal on Plan B has been denied by the judge, who slammed President Obama and Secretary Sebelius’s obvious political stunt to appease political conservatives in both parties.

The judge called Secretary Sebelius out for ignoring the science of Plan B, writing she “lacks any medical or scientific expertise,” which applies to President Obama as well.

From Huffington Post, a snippet of the Plan B appeal denial:

The administration’s attempt to maintain an age limit on Plan B, Korman wrote in his decision, “ignores the fact that the FDA found that the drug was safe and could be used properly without a doctor’s prescription, and was prepared to make it available over-the-counter for all ages.” Thus, he added, “if a stay is denied, the public can have confidence that the FDA’s judgment is being vindicated, and if a stay is granted, it will allow the bad-faith, politically motivated decision of Secretary Sebelius, who lacks any medical or scientific expertise, to prevail”“thus justifiably undermining the public’s confidence in the drug approval process.”

Korman said that Sebelius had “flagrantly violated” the FDA’s “salutary principle,” which is that only the FDA has the scientific expertise to make a decision on how to administer a particular drug. “Yet, in something out of an alternate reality, the defendants seek a stay to pursue an appeal that would vindicate the Secretary’s disregard of the very principle they advocate,” Korman wrote.

Following Friday’s ruling, the government has until noon Monday, May 13, to file a stay motion with the 2nd Circuit to delay compliance pending its appeal, or it will be forced to lift the age limit on the pill.

The federal government playing father to teen girls when the medical community of the entire world has assessed Plan B is safe for girls and women of all ages is government going beyond its role. As part of public health policy, the government has a responsibility to all citizens, including young teens.

Placating conservatives who have a penchant for trying to control everyone’s personal lives is exactly what President Obama and Secretary Sebelius are doing.

If the science and medical communities have proven Plan B is safe, individual families and parents can make their own decisions about their daughters, but they have absolutely no right to impede the rights of the young teen community as a whole.