US spy reportedly caught in Russia.

US spy reportedly caught in Moscow.

JUST when you thought President Obama’s situation couldn’t get any worse, from Moscow comes news of FSB, Federal Security Service, detaining an alleged American spy trying to recruit a Russian intelligence officer.

The scandal erupts just before the upcoming international conference on Syria.

“It clearly will have an effect on the talks. I don’t think it tells us anything new about US-Russian relations. What is strange is the timing, because when it comes to catching spies “” if this even was a spy “” you get to choose when you take action. And the decision to act immediately before the summit seems to me calculated to affect the summit.” – Jon Alterman, former asst. secretary of state

From RT, which has the transcript of the letter as well:

The one-page letter to “a dear friend” found in Christopher’s possession was to be clandestinely delivered to the would-be recruit.

The correspondence proposed a US$100,000 payment for an interview with the prospective double agent, as well as $1 million per annum if the candidate chose to accept the mission and supply the American side with information.

Proving its technological prowess in the digital era, the alleged spy further offered step-by-step instructions on how to create a new Gmail account to be used for future contacts.

Ever-so-savvy, the document stressed the importance of not divulging any real contact information like phone numbers, email or home addresses when creating an email account for the purposes of spying on one’s own country.

From the BBC:

An alleged CIA agent has been briefly detained in Moscow for allegedly trying to recruit a Russian intelligence officer, Russian media report.

The man, named as US diplomat Ryan Fogle, was held overnight before being released to US officials, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said.

Russia has declared him “persona non grata” and ordered his expulsion, the foreign ministry said on its website.

The US ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, had been summoned, it added.