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PERHAPS Bill Clinton should call Rush Limbaugh and Darrel Issa, as well as all the Republicans turning their sights on her over Benghazi.

From Politico:

The former president hasn’t shied away from encouraging his wife to seek the White House but in an appearance at a fiscal policy summit today, he derided the obsession over Hillary’s future as “the worst expenditure of our time.”

He said there are more important things for Americans to think about.

“We need to be worried about the work at hand, all of us do, so whoever the next president is has an easier set of choices before him or hear to build America’s future,” he said at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2013 fiscal summit. “All that really matters in the end is whether what you do turns your good intentions into real changes, and it obscures our capacity to do that and plays to our national tendency to [suffer from] attention deficit disorder when it comes to politics and public problems.”

Emily’s List (an advertiser at, is running a campaign right now. It’s called Madam President. From their campaign:

The 2012 election was a mandate for women’s leadership. The country is ready for a woman president. And Madam President is ready to harness that energy to put the first woman in the White House. It’s our time. And we’re ready.

If Hillary Clinton doesn’t run, we still have to work on electing our first female president. Lately I’ve been eyeing Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who’s been forceful on the sexual assault issue in the military and many other matters. Many progressives would like to see Elizabeth Warren, but I just don’t see her as a national leader yet.

What woman would you like to see run for president? Emily’s List campaign to nominate and elect the first female president is worth all of our support.

We’ve had so many incompetent men who have lived in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, with many having little experience before becoming president. There are other women who’d make viable candidates, especially up against the likes of Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.

A Republican female in the White House would be a travesty.

The fact remains that electing the first female president gets harder if Hillary doesn’t run. It makes the Emily’s List campaign even more important.