hillaryclinton.comDISGRACED after his Whitewater conspiracy theories, Maggie Haberman chooses none other than Jeff Gerth to analyze Clinton’s launch onto the public speaking circuit. Jeff Gerth also appeared in David Bossie’s hit piece “Hillary the Movie.” It gives you an idea of the coverage Politico intends to offer if Clinton decides to run in 2016.

Jeff Gerth was also the primary fiction writer on Whitewater, his hallucinations unleashed before Bill Clinton was elected. It was Jeff Gerth’s so-called reporting that inspired years of expensive goose chase investigations. Years after his New York Times Whitewater piece, which was an embarrassment, he sheepishly had to admit that he got it wrong, blaming it on his editors.

Eric Boehlert nailed him years ago through an endnote in Her Way, while elite media outlets let it slide. After all, Jeff Gerth is one of them.

21. Jeff Gerth, “Clintons Joined S&L Operator in an Ozark Real Estate Venture,” New York Times, March 8, 1992, Al. Gerth, who returned to Washington late Friday night, did not see the edited version of the article until it was first published in the Times’s bulldog edition late Saturday afternoon. To his dismay, that version had been rewritten by editors to include a number of mistakes. Gerth quickly corrected the mistakes for subsequent editions. He never saw the headline, which was written by editors in New York.

It’s a classic, folks, as self-serving a CYA as it gets.

This is who Politico chooses to go to for comment on Hillary Clinton. The cozy journalistic incestuousness of the elite media exposed to the bone.

Legitimizing Jeff Gerth, without even mentioning in the article his sketchy writing on Clinton, is malpractice. It’s a shame that it’s Maggie Haberman doing it. She’s one of the many reporters on the Hillary beat and decides it’s not important to mention Jeff Gerth’s conspiracy theory past, instead simply citing his very bad book.

From the Politico article:

“I think the expectation can be pretty low, because her value is both as a celebrity and as someone “¦ quite familiar and conversant on world affairs,” said Jeff Gerth, co-author of “Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Clinton.”
“And I think she’ll be cautious in whatever she says, which has been her trademark for at least the last couple of decades, ever since she said, “˜I’m not gonna stay home and bake cookies,'” he added.

[…] “I think for awhile, the celebrity value is so great that she can sort of cash in on that and people won’t feel disappointed,” Gerth said. “I would doubt that there are many people who are going to come to this affair who are expecting her to disclose really interesting things.”