Occupy the NRA - Silent No More

Occupy the NRA – Silent No More “” March on the Lobbyists in DC Today.

THIS is one of those priceless moments where elite Democrats and progressives have united and it’s against Heidi Heitcamp for her vote against universal background checks. It’s a stupid vote for which she deserves to be held accountable, as do the other senators who blocked the legislation.

Bill Daley’s Washington Post piece got the attention of every progressive activist I know. Daley, for those of you who don’t remember, was Obama’s chief of staff 2011-2012, as well as secretary of commerce under Bill Clinton.

Bill Daley joined Senator Joe Manchin, one of the heroes this time around, both standing tough against the NRA, even if both are two of the powerful conservative Democrats progressives love to hate. An excerpt from Daley’s op-ed:

I want my money back.

Last October, I gave $2,500 to support Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign to become North Dakota’s junior senator. A few weeks later, she won a surprise victory.

I have had a long career in government and politics, but I don’t donate heavily to political campaigns. When I contribute, it’s because I know the candidate well or am really impressed with the person. Heidi Heitkamp was one of the latter: She struck me as strong-willed, principled and an independent thinker.

But this week, Heitkamp betrayed those hopes. …

When I think about the Democrats I will focus on supporting in 2014, Sens. Mary Landrieu (La.) and Kay Hagan (N.C.) will be at the top of my list. Both represent states where Republicans typically have an advantage and where there is a long and deep tradition of gun ownership. Both had the wisdom to understand that making it harder for criminals to get guns protects, rather than endangers, the rights of responsible, law-abiding gun owners.

As Joyce posted yesterday, Occupy the NRA will sponsor Silent No More “” March on the Lobbyists in DC, McPherson Square, 12:00 PM EDT. Everyone will be watching to see what kind of presence these fearless activists against the NRA will amass.

Activists for gun safety are the underdog in this one and we should all be rooting for them.