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“Today’s” Jerry Sandusky-John Ziegler Smackdown Gets Jeers

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CNN’s Sara Ganim, a Pulitzer-winning Penn State alum who broke the initial story, wrote, “It’s very telling that Ziegler is teaming up with #sandusky. Having a convicted child molester on your side hurts credibility.” ESPN writer Ryan McGee tweeted, “140 characters is not enough to express how less of a damn I care about what Jerry Sandusky has to say.” Ziegler has a long, checkered history, and has spent much of his career obsessed with media conspiracies. [Hollywood Reporter]


CITING A dead guy, Jerry Sandusky showed no shame from prison: “If he (Paterno) absolutely thought I was (a pedophile), I’d say no,’’ Sandusky said. “If he had a suspicion, I don’t know the answer to that.”

It’s hard to know whether to feel sorry for Matt Lauer at this point or just wonder what’s wrong with him?

Today producers grouse that ABC has taken the low road by leading the morning news with lurid crime stories and cheesy viral YouTube videos, larding on game-show segments. Today has done less crime, but fills the show with its own variety of tacky stunts and plenty of chatter about YouTube. But in the end it’s about the stars, not the stories. To jump-start the frisson between Lauer and Guthrie, Nash is building in more reaction shots from the two co-anchors so they can emote. “All I can do is create opportunity,” says Nash. “I can’t create chemistry.”

John Ziegler is a crack pot conspiracy theorist.

“I have no doubt that Jerry Sandusky was guilty of many of the things, if not all of the things he’s been accused of, but I do believe there were due process problems with the trial.” – John Ziegler

Ziegler claims he’s trying to get Joe Paterno his day in court with his upcoming “documentary,” which alleges, unbelievably, that the disgraced Penn State football coach was “framed.”

The Paterno family disavowed any use of the tape heard in the “Today” interview.

The whole thing is obscene.

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.... a writer is someone who takes the universal whore of language
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