Embarrassments have become routine whenever she’s tried to forcibly reinsert herself into the national debate, as the sort of wild claims that helped make her reputation in the first place have increasingly been swatted down, even by fellow Republicans. In the last week alone she has been called out by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly for “a trivial pursuit” after dedicating much of her CPAC speech to what she called President Obama’s “lavish” lifestyle (in fact, the costs she cited are primarily related to Secret Service protection, and some of them were simply false). – John Avlon, Daily Beast

THE FIRST female Republican to win a presidential straw poll or primary is now in the middle of a “cyclone” of indignities, due to her own presidential campaign staffers’ incompetence.

Mrs. Bachmann also has the dubious distinction of having the most statements declared “lies” or “Pants on Fire,” according to the Daily Beast.

However, what began in Iowa with promise for the first Republican female to be allowed into the presidential ring unraveled quickly, with the dirty details now landing in the public eye. It seems there are a few questions for Bachmann’s campaign team that House investigators want answered.

“There are no allegations that the Congresswoman engaged in any wrongdoing,” McGinley said. “We are constructively engaged with the OCE and are confident that at the end of their Review the OCE Board will conclude that Congresswoman Bachmann did not do anything inappropriate.”

Former staffers tell The Daily Beast that investigators have allegedly asked about allegations of improper transfer of funds and under-the-table payments actions by Bachmann’s presidential campaign, specifically in relation to the campaign’s national political director, Guy Short, and Bachmann’s onetime Iowa campaign chairman, state Sen. Kent Sorenson. Questions directly about Bachmann, they said, have been primarily focused on what she knew about those men’s actions and when she knew it.