Sometimes I need a break in the Very Serious thinking. Marriage equality is definitely of the Very Serious kind of “issue.” But there’s no reason humor can’t be one essential element in the struggle. I actually find it rather essential.

With thanks to Jeremy Hooper at Good As You, the video below is well worth 1:20 minutes of your time. As Hooper’s entire “commentary” sums it up: “Tee-hee.”

At The Ultimate Anit-Gay Marriage Ad: (emphasis added)

A couple confronts the horrific consequences of same-sex marriage.

Starring: Dixie Perkinson, David Storch, and Lainee Rhodes.

Director: Matthew Scott Hunter

Writer/Editor: Brandon Muller

Special thanks to Helen Rhodes and family.

Four plates were harmed during the making of this video.

1996 Supercross Champion: Jeremy McGrath

(Rainbow Exclamation Points Via Wipe Out Homphobia on FB)