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Queer Talk: Karl Rove Says 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate “Could” Support “Gay Marriage”


That was interesting. Yesterday, Karl Rove, via Business Insider, on ABC’s “This Week,” was asked:

Karl Rove, can you imagine the next presidential campaign, a Republican candidate saying flat out I am for gay marriage?’ ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked him.

‘I could,’ Rove said.

Rove was asked about this week’s Supreme Court hearings related to DOMA and Prop 8, and said that the Court

… might not be inclined to render a national judgment on the laws being argued … .

‘What we may see is a decision here that, in essence, is not a 5-4 decision, but a 6-3, 7-2 [decision] that says leave it up to the states. In fact, we could see an 8-1,’ he said.

Meanwhile, on Fox News Sunday, former adviser to George W. Bush, Nicole Wallace and Gary Bauer disagreed rather strongly: Evangelical Leader And GOP Strategist Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage’s ‘Radical Agenda’. Or, as Think Progress puts it, Wallace “Slams Social Conservative Leader For Opposing Marriage Equality.” Wallace “called out” Bauer

… for his outdated opposition to marriage equality during a discussion … about the Supreme Court’s upcoming hearings on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. …

WALLACE: … (T)he biggest problem that Mr. Bauer faces … is that more than 65% of his own base, self-describing Evangelical Christians, under the age of 33, support marriage equality. 80% of people in this country, right, left, Democrat, Republican, man, woman, support marriage equality. More than 60% of all Americans, everyone, supports marriage equality. And that very some activist court that he railed against … (is) … the same court that overturned gun bans, for overreaching. They’re the very same court that overturned campaign finance reform for overreaching, so we can despise the courts for its activism when we don’t like their behavior, but we can’t say that this is a court that always sides on the side of liberals.

Watching the build-up to this week’s Prop 8 and DOMA arguments before the Supreme Court has been fascinating, the amount of coverage unlike anything I’ve seen before, a A Kind of March Marriage Madness.

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