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Paul Ryan Learns a Lesson


Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget is now expected to exempt seniors 55 years old and above from his Medicare overhaul – despite his personal preference to raise that age to 56 – according to several GOP sources familiar with his plans. For years, the House Budget Committee chairman has sought to transform Medicare from its current fee-for-service format to one in which the government would give seniors limited subsidies to buy private insurance. The key political caveat: No one within a decade of the Medicare eligibility age of 65 would have been affected by the overhaul the Wisconsin Republican envisioned. – Sources: No Medicare age shift in Paul Ryan budget

THE 2012 election cycle was painful for Paul Ryan. The Heritage Foundation’s policy geek took hit after hit once his economic schemes began seeing the light of day.

Ryan’s back track on raising the age of Medicare recipients, coming at the same time that Jeb Bush starting capitulating to the wingnut base on immigration, sends a message that 2016 jockeying has already begun for Republicans.

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