“Certainly the church is not a democratic society in the way civil society understands,” said Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins of Portugal. “It’s a hierarchical church, therefore not everyone is equal.” [CNN]


THERE IS no reason for CNN, Fox News channel, both of which have a chimney cam, to give the corrupt Vatican the coverage they are that amounts to a Catholic commercial, MSNBC included.

Not only is financial malfeasance at the heart of the Vatican, but there is pedophilia, patriarchal misogyny, including disrespect of American nuns to go along with the Catholic Church’s horrific reputation. It’s not enough to laud their charitable works without real scrutiny on a male leadership that no longer serves the people who bankroll the Vatican.

One Catholic woman’s viewpoint, from writer and author Clarissa Pinkola Estés:

I’m a Catholic. Much of the coverage of the resignation of the old pope and election of the new pope couldnt be more unobservant or trite. In both cases, the lack of noting the black underlayment of issues and lack of acute analyses, are significantly missing.

I’ve been following the “˜live bloggings’ about pope election. Some of it perhaps ought be called “˜dead blogging.’ Reminds me of the youngish priest on NPR a couple months ago spinning so hard he must have fallen over in dizziness”¦ re the hiding of pedophiles within the Church, but as he claimed the Church now is in “˜the forefront of protecting children. That the Church is the LEADER in protecting. That the Church is really really really the LEADER in all this for many years now.

Really? That must be why the excellent Boston Globe journalists’ team had to drag, push, lasso, pry, seize by the hair “Cardinal Law,” one of the most egregious protectors of sexual criminals “”into the open, instead of allowing him to hide behind his lacy chasuble.

The greatest cause of women’s inequality in America is organized religion. I say this as an Episcopalian, daily practitioner of meditation, and someone whose spiritual evolution has been the foundation of my life.

Organized religion’s intent is to keep the traditional structure of relationship intact. This means denying women equal pay, to name one goal, because it allegedly threatens males, but also keeps a woman’s attention outside the home, which they see as her primary responsibility. Conservatives rail against women’s equality outside the home continually, while their legislators vote against it. Our entire traditional cultural framework has been a set up against women rising for centuries.

The non-stop conclave circus is as predictable as it is depressing.

It’s the 21st century, for God’s sake!

It’s not the media’s job to promote a religion whose patriarchal hierarchy is intent on continuing to forward the absurd notion that women need a male conduit, whether male priest or male pope, in order to connect to whatever lies beyond our mortal flesh, if it is only to mine the questions of life.

This applies to all organized religions who freeze women out of religious leadership positions, which happens to include most of the major religions and churches of the world. It’s just they don’t have the marketing tool of selecting a new pope to help them advertise their unholy wears.