WITH THE headliners starting with Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, there will be plenty of red meat for the wingnuts this weekend.

Whatever seriousness CPAC once signified, back when I used to actually cover the event, is no longer important, now considered “RINO”.

For Republicans who want to win national elections like the presidency, this is a problem, because starting Thursday and going through the weekend the right’s biggest warts will be on display.

That Gov. Chris Christie isn’t invited reveals the self-defeating priorities of CPAC’s central committee. That GOP Proud has been excluded shouldn’t surprise anyone, though why any self-respecting gay or lesbian would be a Republican still amazes me.

The heresy hunters, who have stood foursquare behind an increasingly unpopular party, identified a number of deviationists that aren’t suitably right wing, like Gov. Christie and the rock-ribbed righties of GOProud, both of whom weren’t invited to participate in this year’s conference. This despite the support of 73 percent of Americans between 18 and 29 years old for gay marriage and Christie being America’s most popular governor. – Heresy Hunters Rule CPAC

C-SPAN should provide some very entertaining coverage starting on Thursday and continuing into the weekend.