Girl Rising was directed by Academy Award nominee Richard E. Robbins. It was created in collaboration with CNN, Intel, and 10 x 10, an organization devoted to the empowerment of women through education worldwide. The portion on Afghanistan was produced and directed by independent filmmaker Ramaa Mosley. The stories of the individual girls were taken from the published works of writers in each country, including Marie Arana, Sooni Taraporevala, Aminatta Forna, and Zarghuna Kargar. The producers of the film include The Documentary Group and Vulcan Productions. [Huffington Post]


THE FILM had screenings in Los Angeles and New York this week, tonight the last evening.

From the New York Times:

The first tales hit strongest, before the stylish flourishes peter out and the statistical bulletins (presented in a green field by a fleet of kids and Liam Neeson’s voice) overwhelm. In Ms. Danticat’s Haiti story a stubborn grade schooler keeps going to class after the 2010 earthquake without paying the tuition; in Cairo a rape victim’s account to the police is artfully transmuted by her superhero fantasy, rendered in animated segments. A raft of actresses (Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington, Selena Gomez and more) supply in-your-head narration in tones that are intimate and defiant, but not pitying. isn’t responding this week, at least not in Safari, but it’s where you can find more information.

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Marie Arana and Maaza Mengiste, writers of “Girl Rising,” joined HuffPost Live’s Alicia Menendez in studio to discuss. “Generation after generation the poor have been accustomed to taking their children to work with them,” Arana said. “By the time they’re 6 or 7 and they are able to carry a burden, they do. The immediate effect on a family’s income is perceived as being more important than education,” she added, saying that 70 percent of the 170 million children who are not in school worldwide are women. [Huffington Post]