All of this is doubly concerning since the report from Rutgers. Contemporaneous notes recorded his words, and now Hagel can’t say definitively that he didn’t say them. Meanwhile, after a slumber, two major liberal Jewish organizations, the Anti-Discrimination League and the American Jewish Committee, have perked up. Gosh, if true, this is really bad stuff, they say. In fact it’s about the worst they’ve heard from a nominee, who’s already declared himself not to be the senator from Israel. They’ve woken up, so why won’t the GOP senators following the Rutgers potential straw that breaks the nomination’s back? – Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

DOES ANYONE think if Chuck Hagel was the anti-Israeli nominee that extremists and right wing McCarthyites think he is that Israeli President Shimon Peres would be giving President Obama the Presidential Medal of Distinction, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to be honored in this way by Israel? One of the main reasons Obama is getting the award is because of his staunch support for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

Does anyone think Chuck Hagel threatens this system after he voted to fund Israel when he was senator at every turn?

The Washington Post is giving Rubin a lot of space to air what has become a pathological obsession with Hagel, because she has become the op-ed department’s pit bull, which has left her vulnerable and turned her columns into a point of pride to prove she’s right. The demagoguery woven in her latest column is dripping with nervousness after Sen. McCain says one week from today Hagel will be confirmed as secretary of defense.

“He is my friend,” McCain (R-Ariz.) said of Hagel on NBC News’s “Meet the Press.” “He will be confirmed. “¦ I don’t believe he is qualified, but I don’t believe that we should hold up his nomination any further because I think it is a reasonable amount of time to have questions answered.” [Politico]

It inspired Rubin to go back into her poison pen well, pulling out Harriet Miers.

All of that said, Republicans are in this fix because Democrats won’t act responsibly. Recall what happened when President George W. Bush nominated the hapless Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

[…] He’s going to stick it to the pro-Israel community and to Israel. He’s going to stick it to the Republicans. There is no other way to read his determination to go forward with such a flawed nominee. And Democrats, unlike their Republican counterparts in the Miers nomination, don’t have the nerve or the concern for the institution in which the nominee would serve to force the president’s hand.

Maybe if Drudge and enough reactionary right wing extremists jump on board the latest Harriet Miers label will stick to Hagel and that will take him down.

“No excuse to lift the filibuster” Rubin’s column squeals, with her McCarthyite derangement over President Obama’s choice for secretary of defense never once allowing her to consider that winning an election has consequences. Obama’s approval from Israel, as well as the majority of the American people trusting him on foreign policy and national security puts her out on a half sawed off limb.

Why shouldn’t Obama be trusted through his nominee Chuck Hagel who will not make any policy, but will be tied to what the White House wants done at the Pentagon? Rubin won’t even acknowledge Sen. Carl Levin’s letter to Sen. James Inhofe, which addresses everything Republicans have asked about, except of course Rubin’s fantasy that Chuck Hagel is anti-Israel.

Refighting the 2012 election has turned Republicans even more unreasonable and sour, with some digging in and refusing to accept answers to questions that other nominees never had to address in the first place.

Democrats should remember these actions for a long time.

As for the Washington Post, it hasn’t been enough to disagree with the nomination and simply criticize Chuck Hagel, who certainly didn’t help himself in his hearing. But that’s no reason to reject answers and hurl false accusations that are made up out of whole cloth. They’ve disgraced themselves through their coverage of Chuck Hagel and the hyperbolic McCarthyite accusations they’ve let spew from Rubin’s columns. They obviously have no shame.