One week from today V-Day’s One Billion Rising global day of action will occur. From a February 6 emailing: (emphasis added)

No matter where you are, in a week we will rise together as one.

With the addition of Laos, Liberia, Monaco, and Palestine, we are now up to 197 countries and territories taking part in what will be the largest global day of action the world has ever seen.

In seven days, starting in Samoa, the sun will rise on 14 February, kicking off 48 hours worldwide of striking, dancing, and rising.

I’ll continue posting about this between now and then, and encourage you to check it out, if you haven’t already. Watching the videos made by individuals as well as groups, literally from people around the world … there’s some hope that violence “” including rape “” against women is being seen by more people for what it is, an atrocity: every single it time it happens, it’s an atrocity.

And now, Trigger Warning, the short film (three minutes) by Eve Ensler and Tony Stroebel.

(1 Billion Rising via One Billion Rising)