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Tonight’s Music… Gin Wigmore.

A FRIEND just introduced me to Gin Wigmore after seeing her, ensconced in the second row and then meeting her after the concert.

Jimmy Kimmel gave her the spotlight earlier this week.

Wigmore’s music would fit perfectly with “GIRLS.”

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One Response to Tonight’s Music… Gin Wigmore.

  1. newdealdem1 February 2, 2013 at 8:32 pm #

    Thanks for this, Taylor. I’m always looking for new talent to enjoy, to add to my IPod list and Gin Wigmore (love her name) is very talented with a voice that reminds me of Amy Winehouse. Like Winehouse, she has a powerful, mesmerizing sound which marries well with her “look”. And, like Winehouse, she’s really unique.

    I very much liked the music and lyrics of “Black Sheep” (although I didn’t care for the video too much). And, the same for the song, “Man Like That” she performed with her band on Kimmel. Great beats as well. Just fantastic!

    She’s definitely one to watch. I purchased these two songs on Itunes and synced to my IPod, and I’m pretty picky about what music I like so thanks for the recommendation.

    I was curious about her music history and background and looked her up on Wiki. She’s from New Zealand and already has produced 7 albums!. Wow and she’s only 26! I feel like a slacker. LOL Hope she takes off in the States.

    She’s someone I will recommend to others. Thanks again, Taylor. :)

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