They see her losing the Senate contest ““ an uphill climb for any Democrat ““ and potentially poisoning the conservative brand of some state Democrats. – Kentucky Democrats Fear Judd May Drag Down Ticket

SO, LET me get this straight.

Sexist Democrats who are also conservative are afraid that Ashley Judd may lose to Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, even though winning the seat in the first place is “an uphill climb for any Democrat.”

I’m not a Kentuckian and don’t really like the politics of the state, but considering Democrats there are showing themselves to be below the standard that women should accept, which is proven by the reaction to the mere notion of Ashley Judd running, well, it’s pretty clear what really needs to happen.

A shake up in Kentucky Democratic country.

Obama is for raising the minimum wage, so he’s for a living wage.

Equal pay for equal work, including women.

Access to affordable health care.

Expanding manufacturing.

Supports early child education.

Supports the Violence Against Women Act… Lily Ledbetter…

These are the same issues Ashley Judd would be championing if she ran for the Senate, all of which Mitch McConnell is against.

Screw conservative Kentucky Democrats.

Ashley Judd is between 4 and 9 points away from McConnell, the last number from Republicans. But right now they’re tied with women. She’s personable, strong and can speak her mind at a time when Mitch McConnell sounds like 1950.

If nothing else Ashley Judd would give Kentuckians a proud look at what a modern 21st century Democratic female sounds like compared to a 20th century man.