“We have moved a bill in the House twice. We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their ass and begins to do something.” – Speaker John Boehner [The Hill]

ROCK, HARD PLACE, meet John Boehner.

President Obama here in Virginia, a state that’s getting slammed by sequester.

“These cuts are wrong. They’re not smart. They’re not fair. They’re a self inflicted wound that doesn’t have to happen,” Obama said at a campaign-style event at the site of a major defense shipbuilding contractor in Newport News, Virginia.

Obama is tying Republicans in knots.

No place did that show more obviously than on Sean Hannity’s radio show today. Starting the show with an over the top, babbling monologue, as Carl Orf’s “Carmina Burana” played underneath, Hannity railed against sequester, then at the bottom of the hour started squealing about “Saul Alinsky Obama.” In hyperbolic frenzy, on he went saying that the American people are listening to the most outrageous manipulation of language ever before heard in politics.

The vitriol Sean Hannity had for Republicans, however, was equally visceral. He parroted that if Boehner caves on sequester, his speakership is over, while bemoaning Republicans getting badly beat on sequester marketing by Democrats, because his people don’t have a message.

Then came the clincher… his first caller.

The guy was well spoken and came at the end of Hannity’s first hour. He simply stated that he usually agrees with Hannity “99% of the time,” but he should get on his boots and come down into the “trenches,” because he’s a defense contractor and they’re getting creamed by the cut threats, while many are already hurting from them.

Hannity sputtered… cut the call off… tried to find a snappy retort, when none could dig him out. Then quickly went to commercial.

The entire one-hour set up killed in the very first call. How sweet it was.

Obama has used the bully pulpit brilliantly on the sequester, with the result that the Republicans are hurling profanity while wingnut central comes unglued.