In a statement late on Wednesday, Feinstein confirmed that because “members of the committee have the ability to object to a vote on the nomination of Mr. Brennan to be the CIA director until after Thursday … the vote will be delayed.” She did not specify a date for the vote. But it cannot be held next week because Congress is in recess. – REUTERS


SENATORS on both sides of the aisle want more information about Obama’s drone policy, with Rand Paul willing to place a “hold” on C.I.A. nominee John Brennan to get it.

Democrats want the White House to give them access to more documents, prepared by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, outlining legal justifications and operational rules for drone strikes targeted against militants, including suspects who are American citizens. Paul appears to be seeking related information. [Reuters]

Senator Lindsey Graham has also made noise over a “hold” on Brennan, but his objections aren’t on something real like the issue of drone policy and lack of transparency on congressional oversight. Graham is still obsessing about Benghazi.