WHAT A struggle it’s undoubtedly been for Robin Roberts, but she’s back.

As always, some controversy swirled around the coverage of the GMA host’s battle with life-threatening cancer. From the New York Times:

More recently, some media critics have censured “G.M.A.” for over-covering Ms. Roberts’s impending return; a steady stream of commercials featured a bevy of celebrities welcoming her back. But for the most part, viewers have been rooting for Ms. Roberts and for her television family, which remained No. 1 in the morning ratings race while she was away.

Among total viewers, “G.M.A.” celebrated six straight months of wins earlier this month and started to describe it as a streak, mimicking the way “Today” used to talk. Among the 25- to 54-year-old viewers that help the shows make money, “G.M.A.” stayed slightly ahead of “Today” while Ms. Roberts was absent. Within ABC, there is a quiet hope that her return will propel the show to a firmer victory among 25- to 54-year-olds.

I doubt any of this matters to Ms. Roberts who has to simply be glad she’s alive.