“If Congress allows this meat-cleaver approach to take place, it will jeopardize our military readiness, it will eviscerate job-creating investments in education and energy and medical research.” – President Obama


WIELDING the bully pulpit, President Obama hit Congress hard over the looming sequester cuts that are about to land hard.

But Republicans are almost gleeful about sequester. From The Hill:

“If [Republicans] don’t shy away from this, if they don’t run from their own shadows and they don’t [buckle] at the last minute, I think it’s a battle they can win,” conservative Heritage Action spokesman Dan Holler said. “The reason [Republicans] lose the battling war to the president so often is they can’t get themselves on a clear path as to where they want to go ““ this is pretty easy, this is law,” he added.

Sequester is going to be very real in Virginia, including on our bottom line, so voters should remember Republicans applauding sequester cuts.

In 2011, contrary to what’s been said in the press, Congress couldn’t get their act together and Speaker Boehner couldn’t get the House extremists to offer revenue during the budget debacle, so instead they passed an idea, sequester, to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion, which included automatic cuts that hurt. Of course Obama went along, because Tea Party extremists in the House were holding the nation hostage. Since then, Speaker Boehner and House Republicans still refuse any deal with President Obama, now demanding the Senate act first.

Today on his show, Rush Limbaugh fussed, fumed and generally flipped out over President Obama laying blame for the sequester on Republicans. However, he also called Obama’s “campaigning” nothing less than “masterful.” Admitting that Obama was defining the opposition, Limbaugh went on and on about how mean the President was being.

Shorter Limbaugh: Leave Republicans alone!

Obama isn’t listening and he’s making sure voters know who’s to blame for what’s about to go down.

“The whole design of these arbitrary cuts was to make them so unattractive and unappealing that Democrats and Republicans would actually get together and find a good compromise of sensible cuts as well as closing tax loopholes and so forth,” President Obama said. “And so this was all designed to say we can’t do these bad cuts; let’s do something smarter. That was the whole point of this so-called sequestration.”

Now, if Congress allows this meat-cleaver approach to take place, it will jeopardize our military readiness; it will eviscerate job-creating investments in education and energy and medical research. It won’t consider whether we’re cutting some bloated program that has outlived its usefulness, or a vital service that Americans depend on every single day. It doesn’t make those distinctions.

Emergency responders like the ones who are here today — their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded. Border Patrol agents will see their hours reduced. FBI agents will be furloughed. Federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. Air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks, which means more delays at airports across the country. Thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. Tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find childcare for their kids. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings.

And already, the threat of these cuts has forced the Navy to delay an aircraft carrier that was supposed to deploy to the Persian Gulf. And as our military leaders have made clear, changes like this — not well thought through, not phased in properly — changes like this affect our ability to respond to threats in unstable parts of the world.

Sean Hannity played selected quotes of Obama from 2011, ignoring Republican obstructionism on the budget during that summer, when Republicans were the cause of the U.S. economic rating being downgraded while extremists on the right refused to compromise.

I’m not in favor of what Obama offered up in 2011, but it should be noted he offered the grand bargain on entitlements, which still wasn’t enough for Republicans. So let’s not pretend the situation today was President Obama’s doing.

Once again, Republicans are willing to scuttle the U.S. economy, just like what caused the sequester to be offered up in the first place.

“It’s a losing argument for Republicans … when you’ve seen clearly that the American people believe in having the wealthy pay their fair share in order to fund the things that are important to all of us ““ FBI, Border Patrol ““ all sorts of things that matter on a daily basis,” said Andy Stone, spokesman for the Democratic-affiliated House Majority PAC. “That’s why this is a losing prospect for them.”