PRESIDENT OBAMA is leaving no angle untouched, starting with the chart above, which shows what’s been done on Obama’s watch. If you compare the spending to Pres. George W. Bush, who was like a kid with a credit card and a massive hunger for self-destruction, there is absolutely no case to make against this White House on irresponsible spending. If you’re one of the uninformed that think stimulus is a bad thing, you need a better education in what the federal government’s purpose is when the country hits the economic skids.

Obama also released an easy follow case of his latest plan that he presented to Speaker John Boehner, which Republicans are ignoring.

The White House also mailed out, under embargo until around Oscar time last night, a state by state explanation of what sequester would mean to the people.

The Washington Post has a handy outline, so you don’t have to do what I did, which is go through each state. Every media outlet, including CNN, which has changed its coverage drastically over the last week, has led with this story, after the Oscars, of course.

We’re down to the wire. March 1 is Friday.