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Nemo, Winter’s “Historic Blizzard”


Boston – 10 – Blizzard conditions Friday afternoon through Saturday morning with 2 feet or more snow expected, winds gusting over 50mph. Portland – 9 – Blizzard conditions Friday afternoon through Saturday morning with over a foot of snowfall likely, blizzard conditions Friday evening through Saturday, winds gusting over 50mph. New York City – 7 – Rain changing to snow Friday evening, heavy snow and strong wind Friday night through Saturday morning with 5 to 8 inches likely Friday night, additional into Saturday. []

IT BEGAN raining during the night, but it looks like all we’re going to get, along with some cold temperatures.

New England is going to get slammed hard when what’s being called Nemo, already named “a historic blizzard,” gets cranked up.

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One Response to Nemo, Winter’s “Historic Blizzard”

  1. spincitysd February 10, 2013 at 3:52 am #

    Winter storms are not named. I hate this Weather Chanel gimmick. Sandy was a true Tropical Storm / Hurricane that became a Nor’easter. “Nemo” is no such thing. The storm of 8-9 February is just your garden variety low pressure system causing some serious issues. It does not have the organization or the sourcing of a Tropical Depression. The storm front is dumping a lot of snow and it does have some fierce winds attached to it so it is no joke. But to confuse this storm with Sandy is to dumb-down the conversation. Not every severe weather event gets a name. Next thing you know twisters will be getting names, perhaps “Dorothy”?

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