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NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll: Obama Creaming Republicans on Every Issue, with One Depressing Downside

Only 29 percent of respondents say they agree “with most” of what Republicans in Congress have proposed (versus 45 percent for Obama and 40 percent for congressional Democrats). An identical 29 percent have a favorable view of the Republican Party (compared with 49 percent for Obama and 41 percent for the Democratic Party). – NBC/WSJ poll: Public wary about sequester cuts, but Obama in stronger political position than GOP

Republican Elephant

THIS LATEST poll is devastating for Republicans. Among those asked 64% believe the GOP is taking a purely partisan approach to meeting our nation’s challenges.

President Obama has lost a minimal amount of lift, nothing to worry about, because as hard as he’s charged on sequester marketing, he has led Democrats to a wide lead over Republicans where leadership is concerned. More from the poll:

What’s more, the polls shows the Democratic Party beats the Republican Party on almost every issue — looking out for middle class (by 22 points), Medicare (by 18 points), health care (16 points), reducing gun violence (15 points), Social Security (14 points), immigration (7 points) and even taxes (3 points) and the economy (2 points).

The poll also reveals that Americans equate spending with military readiness, because even after the Bush-Cheney era and the ineptitude of Republicans on foreign policy and military matters, when asked about who they trust on “ensuring a strong national defense,” respondents picked Republicans by 26 points.

This makes no sense at all, showing why politicians always choose the hawkish stance on militarism, as well as funding the defense industry. That’s not going to change. Americans continue to think having the biggest military stick by well over 10-times the amount of anyone else is the way to go. The American public doesn’t do nuance on national defense; throw money at the issue is all they know.

It reveals real ignorance on what makes a strong national defense in the 21st century, which includes economic partnerships over weaponry, shoring up U.S. infrastructure that’s cracking, making our country more energy independent, among other things. It will take epic re-education to change this reality and decades to get done.

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2 Responses to NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll: Obama Creaming Republicans on Every Issue, with One Depressing Downside

  1. Cujo359 February 27, 2013 at 3:33 pm #

    Here’s another depressing downside from the NBC link:

    Despite those findings, a majority still supports Congress moving ahead with either the current cuts or a plan containing even more cuts as a way to reduce the deficit, suggesting the public’s general appetite for reducing spending.

    end quote

    Which means the public supports what is exactly the wrong approach to solving that problem. I suppose we should be thankful that they’re all for spending as much as possible on defense, because it’s the only job creation program we have right now. It just happens to be one of the worst ways to create jobs.

  2. james richardson February 27, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    The reason republicans win on Defense is because in crisis situations people prefer decisiveness in the leaders over competence, at least initially. That’s why so many people fawn over Chris Christie.

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