THE RIGHT-WING outfit Media Research Center is masquerading as an unbiased arbiter of what media should do, particularly on the gun safety and control debate. It’s laughable.

What’s worse is that Brent Bozell’s outfit doesn’t understand that our media have a responsibility to the U.S. citizenry. They’d be woefully irresponsible to come out against universal background checks, especially since the vast majority of Americans and gun owners approve.

That Bozell’s right-wing outfit couches the gun debate as “anti-gun” reveals his bias to its core.

At next week’s State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama is likely to continue his ongoing push for more gun control. It’s a push first spurred on by Obama’s gun control allies in the liberal media. In the wake of the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks quickly moved to exploit the tragedy to push for more gun control legislation while mostly ignoring solutions that respect gun owners’ Second Amendment rights.

I added the bold on “exploit the tragedy” to emphasize the moral bankruptcy of those on the American right who continue to be well outside the majority of American opinion and think the U.S. media is biased because of President Obama.

This isn’t about President Obama and his so-called “crusade,” as Bozell labels it.

This is about a nation rising up after 20 children were slaughtered, hoping to change the dynamic in this country and send a message to all gun owners and sellers through universal mandatory background checks that support the Second Amendment, but allows law enforcement to know who has the guns.

It won’t stop all gun violence, but it will change the dynamic in this country to one of responsibility and accountability for all people who own or sell firearms, instead of allowing the N.R.A., legal loopholes, instituted by right wing politicians that also hobble the ATF, and capitalism to dominate the debate over gun safety and responsibility.

Before the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 children (and the adults attempting to save them) in Newtown, the mentality in this country was that if a person is killed by a gun, it’s simply the price of respecting the Second Amendment.

Now the Second Amendment right comes with the responsibility of every single gun owner to be registered and held accountable, as it does all sellers, to American citizens who want a safe country, putting non-gun owners on a level with people who own guns for the first time in modern history.