Cuccinelli, right, so here’s a guy – Tea Party favorite in Virginia – the guy is certifiable when it comes to mainstream political thought. This is a guy who attacks Medicare, he attacks Medicaid, he attacks Social Security, this is a guy who said he was thinking about not having his children get Social Security numbers because, quote, “that’s how they track you.” This is a guy that has said more things that will offend the voters that swing elections than is humanly possible. [Blue Virginia]


VIRGINIA SIMPLY has to keep Ken “war on women” Cuccinelli out of the governor’s office.

By any means necessary, I say.

Another problem with Ken Cuccinelli is his lies about Social Security, which mimic the worst of wingnut misinformation. From local Blue Virginia:

One lie Cuccinelli repeats is that somehow Social Security is a “subsidized government benefit.” That’s a blatant lie. Social Security is now, and has been from its inception, a self-funding, social pension insurance program. In fact, it has been a cash cow for the government which has used the revenue from Social Security taxes to add money to the Federal operating budget.

That Ken Cuccinelli is the worst possible choice for governor should be obvious to any Virginian.

This is an uncharacteristic role for Bolling ““ he is refusing to endorse Cuccinelli and will decide by mid-March on an independent candidacy that could sink Cuccinelli’s ““ and it is generating attention from an unlikely quarter. Terry McAuliffe, the presumed Democratic nominee for governor, met privately with Bolling on Jan. 10. That widely reported tete-a-tete sparked Cuccinelli’s interest in a get-together of his own with Bolling. [Schapiro: Cuccinelli comes a’courting ““ Bolling]

Republicans should want to turn the page, too, from Ken Cuccinelli’s extremist views on women’s freedoms, which is part of the Republican Party’s stranglehold on crazy that keeps Virginia moored in the 19th century.

La Teche

One of the biggest uproars in Alexandria, Virginia happened in 2009, when an adult couple’s shop, as these outlets are euphemistically called, was opened on highly trafficked and trendy King Street. Behind the red door is a wonderful shot of goodies for women, as well as men. I’ve shopped there myself.

Huffington Post picked up a Richmond Times-Dispatch article that tells the sorry tale of Virginia, which needs a modern day makeover badly. It starts with the antiquated Blue Laws.

Just for starters: While it might soon be legal to live in sin, that doesn’t mean you can, by gad sir, fornicate. Fornication remains forbidden under the Code of Virginia, Section 18.2-344. So keep your hands and whatnot to yourself. Especially the whatnots.

And don’t even think of doing other stuff. Virginia’s “crimes against Nature” statute — Section 18.2-361 — still prohibits oral sex. Even between married straight couples. Moreover, state lawmakers seem particularly opposed to that practice — because in Virginia, it’s a felony. Efforts to repeal that provision or even to reduce oral sex to a misdemeanor have failed repeatedly.

Also: Don’t try to open a “bawdy place,” which the code defines as any place “used for lewdness, assignation or prostitution.” (Assignation?)

Never before has a state needed a Democrat who supports progressive policies more.

Virginia deserves better than Ken “war on women” Cuccinelli, who remains determined to close women’s reproductive health care clinics and make Virginia as backward as the worst of the wingnut states.