It shouldn’t be necessary, the efforts required to get people to pay serious attention to the violence done daily to women and girls around the world. The horror should have “one billion” and more demanding it stop, should shame billions out of our silence.

It’s only a few days before V-Day’s One Billion Rising action on February 14, with the choreographed “Break the Chain” song. In this post see the short film Man Prayer, with words by V-Day’s Eve Ensler, filmed by tony Stroebel. (emphasis added)

Violence against women hurts everyone, including men. We invite our brothers to take up this cause, and be free from the limiting strictures of our modern definition of masculinity! #MenRise

People, women and men, are creating ways to show their response to the call of “Break the Chain,” the song. See the original here. Below, 1 Billón de Pie:


An excerpt from the lyrics:

I raise my arms to the sky
On my knees I pray
I’m not afraid anymore
I will walk through that door
Walk, dance, rise
Walk, dance, rise

I can see a world where we all live
Safe and free from all oppression
No more rape or incest, or abuse
Women are not a possession

You’ve never owned me, don’t even know me I’m not invisible, I’m simply wonderful I feel my heart for the first time racing I feel alive, I feel so amazing

I dance cause I love
Dance cause I dream
Dance cause I’ve had enough
Dance to stop the screams
Dance to break the rules
Dance to stop the pain
Dance to turn it upside down
Its time to break the chain, oh yeah
Break the Chain
Dance, rise
Dance, rise …

(1 Billion Rising via One Billion Rising)