“We’re not going to expand Medicaid…” – Gov. Rick Scott


AS OBAMA reaches his highest approval rate in 3 years, Republicans one by one continue their crack up over Obamacare. Florida’s Rick Scott is the latest.

Gov. Rick Scott announced Wednesday a proposed three-year expansion of Florida’s Medicaid program ““ enrolling an additional one million poor and disabled Floridians beginning next year ““ after the Obama administration gave the state tentative approval to privatize Medicaid services. – Florida Gov. Rick Scott proposes expansion of Medicaid to add 1 million uninsured

Erick Erickson is apoplectic.

This decision is a gigantic flip flop from last June, when Gov. Scott said Florida is not going to implement “˜Obamacare’. That was back when Gov. Scott was pinning everything on Mitt Romney beating Obama and repealing Obamacare.

Now Gov. Scott is trying to make sure he gets reelected in 2014.

Hey, they couldn’t beat Obama, so they might as well join him. That’s some strategy for the opposition party.