WE JUST can’t leave it alone. Writing about Hillary Clinton and her prospects for 2016 is just too delectable, too enticing, too historically epic in proportions that keeping it all alive until Mrs. Clinton decides is what any political writer worth his or her salt will do. You’re going to have to decide what’s worth reading, because right now it’s a crap storm out there. However, the latest topic of discussion is on whether Hillary is a “field-clearer” for 2016.

Mike Allen, as only he can do [see video above], succinctly and correctly lays out the case why Hillary is in the position she is today. It doesn’t take a historical rundown, or any dissecting of any great magnitude. It comes down to the issue that Mrs. Clinton has the resume, has paid her dues, and there has never been a female president of the United States and it’s long past time there was and she’s made for casting.

Jonathan Martin wrote the best piece yet on it, which kicked off the conversation down the new media chain, because to be out of the Hillary traffic loop on the web is accepting irrelevancy.

Steve Kornacki does the historic work, filling in the background, because the obvious has already been done.

David Corn recently revealed yet again his endless anti-Clinton bloodline, opining “I’m not convinced yet that Hillary is going to run because she’ll be 69.”

The rebuttal was left to Joan Walsh, who was afraid of calling Corn out in her piece, “No, Hillary Clinton is not too old to be president.” Writing, “I’m not crying sexism,” talking about Corn, then finishing with “there’s no doubt Clinton’s age will push more people’s buttons than if she were a man.” Leaving Corn aside, it’s logic twisted in knots until it chokes.

I’ve never been afflicted with that disease, which is why I became a pariah for telling the truth and being right. So a little truth… It’s not that David Corn is sexist; it’s that he’s a die hard Clinton hater.

And what would a “field-clearing” story be without juicy gossip came from a Clintonite who just can’t help but keep that hope alive? Unloading the absolute dish for Rupert Murdoch’s rag is the best way to get it done.

“Hillary will be our next president and she will be a great one,” Angelo Tsakopoulos, 76, told the Greek Reporter at a private banquet in California last weekend. “I talked to her husband, and he confirmed it. She will run.”

Who can doubt that former President Bill Clinton would say that to someone on the sly?

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a “field-clearer,” because she’s the most capable candidate the Democratic party could field in 2016, including Vice President Joe Biden, who is a tremendous asset for Democrats, but is still just another white male among many.