HILLARYCLINTON.COM now directs people to “Click here to reach the office of Hillary Clinton.”

The second run to become the first female president in U.S. history… awaits.

At least many of us hope so.

It’s not a coronation, as is charged.

As I’ve written before, many a Democratic man I have voted for had fewer credentials and a resume of less heft. These same men I disagreed with on many issues as well. They were not the perfect liberal either, let me tell you.

There is simply nothing more important to me than electing a female president of the United States, which I happen to believe Hillary Clinton is poised to do.

We just finished the century of the American male.

The 21st century is poised to be the century of the female, in which the United States should lead. This requires a Democratic female president who understands that human rights are women’s rights and that women deserve to be as free as men. When applied across the globe the potential this philosophy in foreign policy and economic outreach could have has the potential of literally shifting the world to a path never witnessed in human history.

This world evolution of empowering women won’t happen overnight, but Clinton could take it to another level.

We are going to elect a female president and as far as I’m concerned it simply cannot be a Republican, as that party stands today, which begins with believing women should not be as free as men.

But, oh, don’t you just love Hillary’s grin?