Photo: Pete Souza

Photo: Pete Souza

Cardenas cited Christie’s decision to expand Medicaid under President Obama’s health care law and his support of a $60 billion aid package for Hurricane Sandy victims, which he argued was filled with wasteful spending. [National Journal]

CPAC’s DECISION to freeze out Gov. Chris Christie this year is very good news for Democrats, while also proving why in the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll the Republican party’s approval is in the 20s.

CPAC is a place where statesmanship is not celebrated. It’s why Sarah Palin is getting top billing, but Chris Christie, who stands at over 70% approval in New Jersey, is being frozen out.

“I think this is a vast overreaction and it’s a mistake. He’s a leading Republican, he’s obviously of presidential timber, he’s got the highest popularity of any governor and he’s in a blue state.” – Charles Krauthammer [Politico]

Winning takes swallowing your political pride to support someone who can move the ball down the field for your team. As a liberal, I hope the extremist wing of the GOP keeps shooting Republicans in the foot.