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It’s way past time: House Republicans need to stop talking about rape. That’s the message GOP lawmakers got here Wednesday evening from Kellyanne Conway, a top GOP pollster. [Politico]

THE STATE of Virginia continues the war against women, with Republicans in charge, which is the biggest part of the problem. For a state that preens individual freedoms, once again the Republicans in the state legislature prove that for them freedom is only for men.

Ms. Conway is giving the Republicans good advice, as reported in Politico today. The problem is that it won’t change the actions of these cretins whom the right wing base are electing. They’ll just say one thing in public and do another when they’re voting.

No person represents the war against women in Virginia more strongly than Ken Cuccinelli, who hopes to be the state’s next governor. Cuccinelli claims to be a fighter for “liberty,” but he really believes that freedom is just for men.

The arrogance of Virginia Republicans, who won’t even listen to doctors and obstetricians, reveals the real second class citizenship of women in this state. Cuccinelli is leading them to eradicate reproductive clinics for women, dragging Virginia back to the bad old days, where women were second class citizens and had no right to privacy or self-determination.

From Huffington Post:

State Sen. Ralph Northam (D), the only physician in the senate, proposed a bill that would repeal the mandatory ultrasound law because he says it violates the privacy and sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. “I am giving you the opportunity to right the wrong committed last year,” he told committee members on Thursday.

The Medical Society of Virginia and the Virginia American College of Obstetricians testified in favor of repealing the ultrasound bill, echoing Northam’s concerns.

[…] The Senate Health and Education Committee voted along party lines to block the repeal of the ultrasound law, as well as the repeal of a set of abortion clinic regulations, known as Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, or TRAP. The law requires that first-trimester abortion clinics meet the same building standards as newly constructed hospitals.

The governor’s race is going to be fiercely fought in Virginia. Up against Terry McAuliffe, there is no question who will be on the side of Virginia women. Both candidates announced this week their cash hauls.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe sent a fundraising e-mail to supporters and reporters Tuesday claiming $1.1 million raised since he announced his candidacy in early November.

Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a candidate since November 2011, reported almost the same amount and listed $1.2 million on hand.

If Cuccinelli wins in November, the state will go the way of Kansas, setting women back to an era when I first lived in this state, way back in the ’70s. A time when there were no reproductive health care clinics anywhere and where women’s rights were ignored, and I had to cross several state lines to get a legal abortion.

If you’re not an abortion rights advocate, I respect that completely. But no one, certainly not state or federal authorities, has the right to tell me what I can do with my own life, my own body. And no state in the 21st century should have a legislature that puts women’s health in danger.

Virginia is the battleground for women in 2013.

Progressives, Democrats, Independents and Republicans need to come together to make sure Cuccinelli and the war on women in Virginia ends. Virginia can’t be allowed to be the next Kansas, where women’s rights don’t count and freedom is just for men.