V.P. Joe Biden greeting a baby during the 113th Congress swearing in events. [via Michael Hayes on Twitter]

“I appreciate the vice president’s willingness to get this done for the country.” – Senator Mitch McConnell

White House Photo by Sonya N. Hebert

DICK OR JOE? It’s now no contest. Where Dick Cheney manipulated people and policy behind the scenes, getting his aide indicted and convicted of a felony and then disbarred for doing his dirty work, Joe Biden exerts his power on behalf of the President and for the nation with all the fanfare media outlets can conjure up in their reporting.

What many people like about Joe, is something Chris Christie also has, which is the ability to appear human. While Christie is considered a bully, Joe has been derided as a joke. What both men have in common is that they get things done. The public craves this type of character in our politics, because so few have it today while also being relatable.

The Fiscal Cliff deal was no hail Mary, but what Vice President Joe Biden did was get a deal out of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Biden got a presidential atta boy for his efforts, which is big of his boss, because it couldn’t have been done without Joe Biden.

Vice President Joe Biden is whipping up so much fanfare there’s a petition on the White House site to give Joe his own reality show.

It’s now being speculated V.P. Joe Biden could be the most influential vice president in history.

To make a deal with Congress you have to have relationships. Obama doesn’t do relationships. He flies solo.

It’s not that Republicans don’t like Barack Obama personally, though many on the right hate him. It’s that they don’t know him and don’t trust him and that’s not going to change in the President’s second term. President Obama’s relationship with Speaker Boehner couldn’t get any worse.

Vice President Joe Biden spent 36 years in the Congress, so he not only knows the business of dealmaking, he knows the players and they like and trust Biden. He helped manifest the bad tax deal in 2010 with Senator McConnell as well. So, it’s not that his work yields outcomes that progressives will applaud, but they do produce results that have simultaneously gotten his boss out of a jam.

Mr. Biden is no progressive, but he can work the players on Capitol Hill, which Obama can’t do. Biden’s no Lyndon Johnson, nobody is; he’s not as nasty or vindictive either, nobody is. But as a dealmaker in today’s politics, he’s proved himself effective when the White House was careening toward a cliff.

The biggest winner on the Fiscal Cliff deal was not the middle class, it wasn’t President Obama either. It was Vice President Joe Biden.