via Atlantic Monthly [pic via YouTube]

THIS IS a classic exchange, with Martha Raddatz slamming down the notion that some women can’t pull their own weight and then some.

Host Martha Raddatz interrupted him, saying she’d seen female combat medics rescue 6’4″ Marines. “That’s fine,” Will responded, noting 152 women had died in the post-9/11 wars. “But there are certain anatomical facts about upper body strength and stamina.” Panelist Steve Inskeep said, “there are surely individual women who could pick you or I up wounded and carry us off a battlefield.” Raddatz concluded, “It probably would not be me, but there are lots of them.” Raddatz is selling herself short. Using the standard military technique for carrying people off the battlefield, she could have carried Will off the set quite easily. [The Atlantic Monthly]

Since Joe Scarborough is so sincerely concerned that the Pentagon will play politics with the women in combat and possibly put American lives in danger, someone needs to get this to him stat.

Martha Raddatz seems to finally be getting her due. She’s one of the most mild mannered and competent people in the business.