IT BEGINS today at 9:30 a.m. It will be Secretary Clinton’s final townterview. The transcript is now available.

From the State Department:

This will be Secretary Clinton’s 59th town hall and an opportunity to engage with young people around the world in advance of her last day as Secretary of State on Friday, February 1st.

Networks participating via satellite include the BBC in London, United Kingdom; Channels TV in Lagos, Nigeria; MBC in Beirut, Lebanon; NDTV in New Delhi, India; NHK in Tokyo, Japan; and NTN24 in Bogota, Colombia.

The townterview will be moderated at the Newseum by Australian newscaster Leigh Sales of Australian Broadcasting Company. Leigh Sales last interviewed Secretary Clinton at a townterview in Melbourne on November 7, 2010.

Secretary Clinton’s farewell address will be this Thursday at the Council on Foreign Relations.

My Live Twitter transcript is below, with the last tweet in Clinton’s final townterview starting it off…

 Kudos to @StateDept & all participants for a great final townterview#AskState #SecClinton Flawlessly done. Spectacular questions.

Clinton on future: Work on longer term challenges, trend lines, use technology, women & girls, climate change, alternative energy#AskState

“That’s good news.” #SecClinton on hearing John Kerry clears committee. #AskState
The Incredible Hillary works. #AskHillary #SecClinton

“These guys are hilarious…” #AskState #SecClinton “Clearly my interview with you two…” Clinton showing her charm, sense of humor…

“You are not the country you were 15 years ago.” - #SecClinton on Columbia #AskState Outliers: dictator in Cuba, “overall…progress made”

Working with Pres. Obama on second term issues for Latin America.#AskState#SecClinton

“Latin America has been a very high priority.” – Clinton #SecClinton#AskState Affordable energy important, climate change, security…

“Women are subjecting themselves to the political process. You have to have a thick skin, I’ll tell you that.” – Clinton #AskState

“We would really like you to run for president… an important symbol for women across the world.” – young woman from Germany#AskState

Clinton hopes China & US will “defy history.” “We want to see a rising power like China” to join world. #AskState

“I think healthy competition is part of development, human nature… as long as it is rules based.” – Clinton on China #AskState

“But we want other people to step up and learn what they are capable of” doing themselves. – Clinton #AskState

“What we hope to see, key countries, anchor countries like Nigeria” playing a role externally. – Clinton Al-Shabaab pushed out.#AskState

Even in Nigeria, a man mentions Clinton in 2016…#AskState

“Both politically & economically I see progress happening in Africa.” -Clinton #AskState Cites Malawi, woman eligible. Nigerian election.

Cut out half the population you’re hurting your own country-Clinton. “Encouraged & proud to see young women & men” protesting rape#AskState

GREAT question from young man who asked about barriers to women having to continually adopt male constructs in order to lead.#AskState

“There is still a double exists to the trivial…to the incredibly serious.. Both legal & culture barriers for women#AskState

Efforts in Pakistan with India “creates more receptive environment” for dealing with very serious threats, Clinton continues. #AskState

Friendly journalist in India presses on 2016… Laughter… Clinton ducks the subject like the pro limbo artist she’s become #AskState

What an impressive round the world townterview… Pretty remarkable… #AskState

“I take away far more positive memories.” – Sec. Clinton #AskState

Memoirs? Lasting regret? “The loss of American lives in Benghazi… working hard to prevent…” #AskState “You can’t control everything…”

“It’s also important that we work w/ Europe… we try to shape a positive relationship with Russia.” They ended aid programs.#AskState

When Clinton began, relationships had to be restored. Using social media important, must be a two-way conversation. #AskState

Clinton mentions SoS Seward, who ran against Lincoln, cites “Lincoln,” too. “By Lincoln’s side, advising, supporting him.”#AskState

“Hello to everyone in Antarctica,” the one place she hasn’t been. – Clinton #AskState

“Hamas is not interested in democracy… is still largely a military resistance group,” says Clinton #AskState

“Their pursuit of a nuclear weapon would be incredibly dangerous,” Clinton talking about Iran. #AskState Iranian people deserves better gov.

“There are no sanctions” on Iran on medicine, food, Clinton says.#AskState Dilemma for the entire world. “People are very worried.”

#AskState Advice to younger people: “Entrepreneurship… There are still barriers to dreams of business leaders,” mentioning women.

“This is a threat to all of us,” Clinton says #GlobalTownHall on North Korea.

Tokyo, a female college student on economy – “You’re right to point out that we have to be more creative, innovative…”#SecretaryClinton

Don’t go from “top down society… to a democracy overnight… this will take some time” Takes “persistence & patience.”#SecretaryClinton

“I want to see women and girls given opportunities…”#SecretaryClnton Talking about some “unfinished” goals that must be continued.