FRIDAY WILL be one of the busiest days of Hillary’s recent weeks when she sits for interviews with five networks.

Avid supporters, fans, believers and everyone else who want to make sure Hillary Rodham Clinton understands how much people want her to run in 2016 are not leaving anything to chance.

This is exactly what I wrote about in “Hillary’s No,” and that we can’t take Hillary’s “no” for an answer.

The “Ready for Hillary” Super PAC has already launched and garnered over 50,000 followers in a flash.

Allida Black, who is chairing the Ready for Hillary PAC, told the Center for Public Integrity in a piece posted on Monday that the group is “”˜a small group of skilled and dedicated Hillary supporters and Obama supporters’ who are ready to devote their “˜organizational expertise and energy to helping Hillary become president.'”

“Our purpose is simple: we are ready to work for Hillary to be president when she is ready to run,” Black, a George Washington University professor and historian, as well as a longtime Clinton backer, said to the Center for Public Integrity in an email. “When our website launches in a few weeks, we plan to reach out to our grassroots networks and contributors to mobilize them to support her.”

This is about making sure the most qualified woman in political history to be president has a path to becoming the first female president in American history. It’s going to happen at some point and many believe it should be a Democrat when it does.

HILLARYCLINTONSUPERPAC also launched last week.