REPUBLICANS WERE loaded and ready to use their time for purely political gain. Senator Rand Paul stepped out and not only unleashed a diatribe that amounted to accusing Secretary Clinton of dereliction of duty, but also that he was ignorant about what Ambassador Chris Stevens wanted to do in Benghazi, as well as what the Libyans expected of him.

Stevens left Tripoli, a fortified city, for Benghazi to get closer to the Libyan people, who knew him well.

As has been reported, the Libyans themselves asked Ambassador Stevens to keep a low profile, because of the perilous nature on the ground in Benghazi. They didn’t have the forces to protect him fully, after Stevens himself made the decision about moving to Benghazi. Stevens trusted that the Libyan people would continue their support for his mission.

Senator Paul proves that he doesn’t understand that foreign service diplomats are in dangerous posts that often cannot be manned like a fortress.

This was the case in Benghazi with Ambassador Stevens.

Senator Rand Paul is a Tea Party darling and favorite of the right. His confrontation with Secretary Clinton today will further cement his prowess with them.

As for Clinton’s reaction, she swatted him away like a gnat.

Republicans intend to use Benghazi against Clinton if she runs in 2016. Nothing could have been clearer today, even as she scolded them on making her testimony all about partisan politics, instead of finding answers and solutions to what unfolded in Benghazi.

Ironically, Republicans aided Clinton in making her case for 2016, which obviously gave the entire Senate panel flop sweat during the hearings.