As anticipated, marriage equality is being considered in the Rhode Island House. Zack Ford, at Think Progress reports:

After hearing hours of testimony for and against the (marriage equality) bill Tuesday night, the state’s House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a vote for next Tuesday. Not only would the new law allow same-sex couples to marry, it would also recognize the less than 100 couples who got civil unions over the past two years as married.

Ford notes that the “bill’s fast track” might help “prevent the delays and watering-down of the legislation that led to the unsuccessful civil unions two years ago.”

And in Illinois, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has signed the Illinois marriage equality petition. Via Chicago Phoenix:

The Midwest Regional Office of Lambda Legal, an LGBT law and civil rights group, announced Wednesday Mayor Rahm Emanuel has signed the organization’s petition to support the fight for same-sex marriage rights in Illinois. …

Emanuel has long supported LGBT rights, and has previously stated his support for legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage. Last November, the mayor said passing marriage equality legislation is No. 3 priority in the Illinois General Assembly and that he would work with the bill’s chief sponsors and other lawmakers to get it done in early 2013. …

The lawmakers and proponents, including Lambda Legal and other members of the Illinois Unites for Marriage coalition, are ramping up the campaign to get it done in the Spring session of the 98th General Assembly, beginning Feb. 5.

State recognition of marriage equality is obviously very significant, first for the LGBT residents of those states, but also toward the eventual overturn of DOMA. Only when that happens, and the federal government recognizes the marriages of lesbian couples and gay couples, will we take that big step toward full equality.

(Marriage Not Gay Marriage poster via Wipe Out Homophobia on FB)