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Queer Talk: Obama Includes Same-Sex Couples in Immigration Plan

Chris Geidner broke the story at Buzzfeed. Also at Buzzfeed, Zeke Miller provides more details. (emphasis added)

Here’s How Obama’s Immigration Position Differs From The Senate’s

In a speech, the president mostly backs the bipartisan framework on the Hill with two key exceptions: treatment of same-sex couples, and the inclusion of a border security ‘trigger.’

From the “FACT SHEET: Fixing our Broken Immigration System so Everyone Plays by the Rules,” released by the Obama administration, via Taylor’s earlier post: (emphasis added)

Streamlining Legal Immigration

- Keep Families Together. The proposal seeks to eliminate existing backlogs in the family-sponsored immigration system by recapturing unused visas and temporarily increasing annual visa numbers. The proposal also raises existing annual country caps from 7 percent to 15 percent for the family-sponsored immigration system. It also treats same-sex families as families by giving U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents the ability to seek a visa on the basis of a permanent relationship with a same-sex partner. The proposal also revises current unlawful presence bars and provides broader discretion to waive bars in cases of hardship.

Miller’s article includes this:

‘This is what we believe this reform should include, and we know we might not get all of it,’ added an official, on the same-sex couples component, adding that Obama will press Senate lawmakers to incorporate his ideas.

HRC, one of the organizations signing a statement on immigration reform released yesterday, issued a press release today, including a statement from HRC President Chad Griffin:

‘Every day, thousands of bi-national same-sex couples are confronted with the uncertainty of immigration laws that treat them as strangers. They face the impossible dilemma of having to choose between love and country.

President Obama continues to demonstrate his tremendous leadership on behalf of our community by recognizing that fixing our nation’s flawed immigration system must include relief for these loving, committed couples and their families. …

As always, credit where it’s due, in this case, to Obama for stepping up, and to the advocates, organizations and individuals, who did and do the work that make it possible for Electeds to do such “stepping.”

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2 Responses to Queer Talk: Obama Includes Same-Sex Couples in Immigration Plan

  1. psychodrew January 29, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    Now we have to make sure that Obama follows through on this. We can’t be left out of a final compromise like we did on health care.

    • Joyce Arnold January 29, 2013 at 10:45 pm #

      Yep, there’s definitely still work to be done by LGBT advocates and allies.

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